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HEDNA Educational Materials

Essentials of Revenue Management for Electronic Distribution Marketing, (Alexandria, VA: Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association), 2003.

The HEDNA GDS Educational Kit, 2nd edition, (Pittsburgh: Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association), 1996, Revised 1998. Vol. 1 "Introduction to Global Distribution Systems." Vol. 2 "Hotel Roles in the Electronic Reservation Process." Vol. 3 "Selling Your Hotel Through the Global Distribution Network."

HEDNA Advanced Electronic Distribution Education Program. (Pittsburgh: Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association), 1997, Revised 1998. Translations: Spanish Vol. 1 "Revenue Management in GDSs/ADSs Vol. 2 "Strategic Planning for Electronic Distribution through GDS and ADS" Vol. 3 "The Global Distribution Systems & Alternative Distribution Systems:  An Overview Vol. 4 "The Travel Agency Sales Call."

If you would like information about these training programs, please check out HEDNA's web site.