Central Reservation Options Evaluation

Conduct comprehensive functional and cost-benefit analysis of all central reservation options open to North American Hotel chains – in-house system & reservation center, outsourced data processing and in-house reservation center, outsourced data processing and reservation services.

Vendor Search – Central Reservation Systems

Author a customized comprehensive (135 page) Request For Proposal (RFP) for a Central Reservation System. Conduct intensive functionality assessment of all major hotel central reservation systems available through either a purchase, licensing or out-sourcing arrangement. Also include an analysis of each vendor’s structure, service and support capabilities (North American and Worldwide) and comparative fees.

Vendor Search – Reservation Representation Services/GDS, Web and Voice

After identifying clients’ current and future needs, create, distribute and analyze responses to a comprehensive, customized RFP. Analyze replies on the basis of services offered, reservation system functionality and pricing. Score replies numerically, identifying any critical shortcomings and prepare a detailed “apples-to-apples” financial comparison for initial and subsequent years of operation with each potential vendor. Orchestrate detailed system/service demonstrations. Assist in final evaluation/selection process, and when requested, contract negotiations.

Vendor Search – Tour Reservations & Electronic Distribution

Complete an intensive analysis of tour operator’s inventory management and electronic distribution requirements, including extensive evaluation of distributed maintenance network needs. Identify potential system and service suppliers. Create, distribute and analyze Request For Proposal. Negotiated services contract and manage complete system implementation.

Reservation Center Feasibility Study/Development Plan

Identify the costs and benefits associated with developing and operating a relocated central reservation centers in various North American and international locations. Develop comprehensive start-up and operation plans; which including detailed capital and expense budgets.

Reservation Center Operational Audit

Examine all aspects of multiple hotel chains’ central reservation center operations, resulting in detailed status reports and comprehensive procedure and systems upgrade recommendations.


Web Site Evaluation

Examine hotel company “brand.com” web site to assess and report its strengths and, more importantly, shortcomings related to thorough presentation including appealing product portrayal, access to and effectiveness of booking engine, ease of navigation, opportunities presented for upselling or add-on sales, and general effectiveness in presenting a compelling lodging offer. Identify best of breed techniques that would be applicable to this specific client’s situation and provide multiple specific recommendations for near- and longer-term adjustments to the site.

GDS Property Description (HOD) Rewrite

Through review of the current HODS, web site content, all available corporate and property-developed brochures as well as other collateral, rewrite the GDS property descriptions for a variety of hotel chains operating 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels around the globe. In a side-by-side copy format presenting old wording vs. new deliver updated, comprehensive, appealing and sales-oriented descriptions of each property in each chain. Bring the HODS into synchronization with web site descriptions and provide further recommendations for web site descriptions where applicable. Provide similar description revisions for GDS seamless room and hotel chain descriptions (DRS).

Marketing Automation Audits

Analyze numerous hotel chains’ participation in global distribution systems and the Internet to determine the extent to which they are using available opportunities; compare their use of those systems with that of their primary competition. Examine entire data flow path, from property, through each chain’s in-house systems, to GDSs, gauging breadth, speed and accuracy of data collection and maintenance. Deliver detailed analysis with numerous recommendations for process improvement.

Marketing Automation Training Materials

Create and produce three HEDNA Educational Programs including introductory and expert-level GDS training as well as an introduction to revenue management for electronic distribution. This training series is provided by HEDNA to all its members and forms the curriculum for HEDNA University. Training programs are completed in multiple formats, including PC-based Interactive, Self-Guided Workbooks, Group Presentation and group training exercises.

Strategic Distribution Analysis

Analyze the Internet and on-line services to determine trends, their implications and emerging opportunities for the Lodging industry. Recommend appropriate level and style of participation for specific clients based on their corporate distribution objectives

Strategic Distribution Briefings

Update hotel company executives on opportunities and appropriate performance expectations from the Internet and other distribution channels. Describe participation options and considerations plus competition activities.

Marketing Automation Seminars

Present seminars on the origins, status and opportunities presented by the Internet and Global Distribution Systems to hotel company corporate and property executives and sales/operations staff.


Strategic Planning

Work with hotel company marketing, reservation and information technology executives to define the role of technology in their organizations and develop strategies for its full contribution to their marketing and reservation program.

Work with global distribution system executives to define a comprehensive five-year strategic plan for all non-air services.

Draft a worldwide leisure product distribution strategy, including tour, cruise and destination elements for an international GDS.

Business Plan Development

Produce a detailed business plans for provision of technology-based services to the lodging industry.

Hospitality Industry Investment Opportunity Study

Led a four-month study of investment opportunities in the hospitality industry resulting in detailed profiles and specific recommendations relating to twenty-one industry segments, contained in a 850-page report set.

Sales and Marketing Organization

Guide the merger of two international sales organizations, including development of an integrated account management system and a computer-based multi-media product demonstration unit.

Convention Planning/Facilitation

Participate in all aspects of planning and execution of several major technology vendor and global distribution system conferences, including agenda development, speech preparation, session facilitation, participant communication and post conference analysis.

Vendor Consultation

Advise hospitality industry service vendors on the current situation in, and future requirements for, automation and marketing in the hotel industry.

Communication Consulting

Advise clients on effective communication within the hotel industry; complete numerous brochure design, speech, newsletter and press release writing/editing projects.