Hospitality Technology Consulting performs a wide variety of reservations- and electronic distribution-related services.  The following projects are representative of our work.

Electronic Distribution and Marketing

  • Evaluate reservations and electronic distribution processes to determine how proficiently the Global Distribution Systems and the array of Internet distribution opportunities are currently used.
  • Identify, explain and propose suitable strategies for emerging and evolving distribution options.
  • Recommend specific tactics for more effective distribution and marketing program presentation in GDSs and travel-related web sites.
  • Review and revise GDS property descriptions (HODs) and chain program/policy descriptions (DRSs) to ensure that their readers — Travel Agents and Internet users — view information that is accurate, complete and compelling.
  • Prepare training manuals and training presentations

Central, On-Property and Representation Company Reservation Offices

  • Examine operational procedures, staffing, training, supervision and incentive programs in central reservation centers and property reservation offices; recommend improvements.
  • Lead the evaluation of Reservation Representation Companies (generally through creation, distribution and analysis of a customized RFP); assist in vendor selection/negotiation.

Technology Evaluation and Management

  • Analyze existing systems (reservations, data management, content management, etc.) to gauge effectiveness and compare with alternatives to determine both strengths and deficiencies.
  • Identify prioritized functionality needs – present and future.
  • Devise adjustments to current systems or recommend consideration of alternative technology solutions to achieve productivity goals.
  • Research, catalog, evaluate and recommend technology options; assist in selection/negotiation.
  • Manage the implementation process

Strategic Planning

  • Analyze travel industry technology issues and opportunities and propose viable business responses.
  • Work with executives to determine and optimize the performance of reservation and electronic distribution technology in achieving corporate objectives.
  • Develop electronic marketing strategies supported by detailed marketing plans.
  • Manage strategic initiative presentation and implementation

Process Analysis and Re-engineering

  • Analyze processes and procedures to determine current performance efficiency; identify production, revenue and profit enhancement opportunities.
  • Evaluate action alternatives and recommend prioritized options based on performance and budget parameters
  • Devise a re-engineering program to successfully act on the selected alternative.
  • Manage the implementation process.

Information Management

  • Audit current procedures to determine where data collection, consolidation, analysis and distribution activities are not fully effective.
  • Identify applicable methods for efficient data updating, warehousing and analysis.
  • Propose approaches for increasing database management/marketing productivity and profitability.
  • Develop new systems or processes, or modify current procedures, to achieve desired performance levels.
  • Manage the implementation process.