Judith Burns was appointed Executive Vice President of Hospitality Technology Consulting in June 1996.  Ms. Burns provides a variety of consulting services to businesses within the hospitality area and beyond.  Her prime focus points are process re-engineering, database management including performance audits, the development of training materials, Internet site evaluation and implementation reviews, and the management of convention services. 

Before accepting the position of Executive Vice President, Ms. Burns provided contract services to HTC involving research and preparation of training resources.

Born and educated in Canada, Ms. Burns has a broad background in a variety of management settings.  For eleven years, she was the manager of the largest professional journalism school in Canada.  This position afforded her the opportunity to use a wide range of skills from counseling for career planning to the writing and production of print collateral.  Subsequently, she worked as the product development manager for a niche tour packager and retailer, planning and booking the complex components of hundreds of tour itineraries.

Ms. Burns has provided research assistance for a major Canadian biographer and has prepared training materials for a number of American corporations.

Ms. Burns is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a Masters degree in Communication Studies (Thesis Title:  The Rhetoric of Technological Flaws:  The Intel Pentium Microprocessor).  She was elected to the Board of Directors of HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) in December 2000 for a two-year term.